Alumnus Dimo Rezashki: 6 months after the London Trip'23

October 2nd, 2023 News

In this short interview, Dimo Rezashki, an alumnus of the London Trip '23, provides insights on his academic and career journey 6 months after the trip. Learn more about the impact of the program on Dimo's first-hand experience from his story below:

"My name is Dimo Rezashki and I am an alumnus from the Amrican University in Bulgaria. I graduated with honours in Mathematics and Economics in May 2023 and I am currently preparing my documents for graduate studies. I am planning to apply to universities in the United States with programs in the field of Quantitative Finance. 

In the meantime, I am working as a Quantitative analyst at a global financial institution - ING Bank N.V. in London. I am taking a role in the FRM team and work closely with well-established finance industry professionals from all over the world.

I am glad to share that I had the amazing opportunity to take part in the field trip to London in March which left me with some really good emotions and career ideas.
After visiting LBS and LSE, I reconfirmed my plan to go for a Master's and further enhance my academic knowledge in the field I am interested in.

Also, by talking to people from the industry I got a sense of their work and reassured myself that I want to pursue a career in Finance. Thanks to the trip to London I became more determined to pursue a professional development in this field and get a higher degree in Applied Economics/Mathematics. Having the opportunity to explore master's opportunities and visit higher education institutions first-hand allowed me to make a more informed decision about my future plans.

Last but not least, I met some really impressive Bulgarians, who work in high-level positions for which anybody can dream of, with whom I look forward to speak again and why not work with one day."

Further information on the London Trip 2023 is available on our website. Stay tuned about future announcements and more information on the upcoming London trip 2024.

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