The Aleksander Foundation is devoted to helping students be at their best when applying for jobs as well as further studies. We have created this short guide to help you navigate the world of applications

CV Resources

The first step towards a rewarding career is making a good first impression and ultimately getting hired. The first thing any employer learns about you is by looking at your resume or CV. This is why it is extremely important to know how to properly format, structure and present your professional and academic accomplishments in order to get recognized and ultimately get that dream job. 

In this section our team members share some of their tips and tricks to writing a CV that stands out from others and differentiates you when applying for jobs and universities. No matter at what stage in your life you are we have a chunk of wisdom for everyone. 

Below you will find an in depth guide on how to write a good CV as well as some examples of CV’s from students in the London School of Economics, King's College and London Business School. 

Cover Letter (Letter of Motivation)

What are cover letters? They are a way for you to introduce yourself to your potential employer beyond what is written on your CV and tell them why you would be a good fit for their organization. 

So how is that different from a CV/Resume you might ask. Cover letters are not just an overview of your skills and accomplishments but rather a tailored document that helps you align yourself with the job you are applying for and demonstrates your strengths and experience relevant for that specific position. 

"A cover letter is a one-page document, read in conjunction with your CV, that highlights relevant skills, experiences, and achievements. Employers recognize and reject generic cover letters so each one you write should be tailored to a specific role and organization using the job description and person specification."

Writing Essays

Essays are an ever present feature of academic and even professional life. Being able to write and articulate ideas in a clear and concise way is a key skill that should not be underestimated. We at the Aleksander Foundation firmly believe that writing good essays is a core skill that each aspiring student/early career professional should perfect.

To that end we would like to support you in this initiative by providing you with some writing resources. On this page you will find a sample essay that is both well argued and structured in a coherent manner. We have also provided links to some great recourses on things to look out for when crafting you own essay.