Aleksander Foundation believes that Bulgarian education should be more integrated in the global academic community, taking advantage of the knowledge and traditions of the world scientific society.


The Aleksander Foundation was founded in 2005 to promote and support the development of Bulgarian university education. For the past 14 years we have help highly qualified and motivated students transition into their professional lives.


We want to lend a hand and help students start their journey down a fulfilling and engaging career path by helping them develop the necessary skills and competencies needed to excel in the modern work environment.

3 Day Seminars

Aleksander Foundation is regularly organizing not-for-profit get-togethers for its Alumni. Some of them (e.g. the Christmas parties, hiking trips, etc.) take a few hours, but the most significant event – the annual Alumni Reunion, lasts a whole weekend.

The Reunions are great opportunity for networking, exchange of information, recreation, hiking and fun. Lectures and team-building games are also part of the agenda, however they are not the focus of the Reunions. All Alumni are eligible (and encouraged) to participate, but are supposed to cover their travel and accommodation costs.


At the Aleksander Foundation we are always on the look out for promising young talents. We strive to encourage their development by providing them with the resources and know how to jump start their career. A lot of our Alumni have been part in one of our many competitions, be it for our full "LSE Summer School" scholarship, or some of our other competitions


Furthermore the people from Aleksander Foundation are very open - minded and helpful, especially when it comes to explaining something you have special interest in.

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