Workshops & Seminars

We at the Aleksander Foundation believe that sharing knowledge is key to empowering students in their journey of academic and professional excellence. That is why we strive to bring intellectually engaging content to our audience


Crypto Assets: the best way to preserve your hard earned money

George Manolov

When: December 31st, 2020

Where: Online

In the past decade crypto currencies have only been gaining popularity as both a speculative instrument and an alternative for faster frictionless payments. Today cryptocurrencies have grown into a full-fledged asset class with a diverse ecosystem of market participants. Join us for a lively discussion on crypto assets and their benefits to your portfolio.

Webinar: The World after the Pandemic

Alek Petrov, Peter Petrov, Philip Philipov

When: November 17th, 2020

Where: Online

The global pandemic and ensuing economic slowdown will inevitably leave a lasting mark on our society as a whole, but more importantly on the labor market. What does this all mean for those just entering the workforce? How will the labor landscape continue to evolve as we immerge from this crisis? And how can we best deal with the fallout of the locdowns? Find out by joining the discussion.


"Careers in Consulting" Workshop

Aleksander Petrov, Lora Beltcheva

When: 2020-11-19 19:30

Where: Online

Join us for a special workshop where we discuss the consulting career path and the nessesary skills needed to excel in this dynamic field. Helping clients solve their most pressing strategic, management and risk issues is an exciting and demanding role, might this be the career for you?