Ready to work?

Aleksander Foundation believes that Bulgarian education should be more integrated in the global academic community, taking advantage of the knowledge and traditions of the world scientific society.

Ready to Work?” is the Aleksander Foundation’s core platform, which embodies our ultimate goal of helping students apply their existing knowledge in practice while learning new skills along the way, all with a focus on career development.


The Aleksander Foundation mentorship program aims to connect established experts with students embarking on their professional journeys. We believe that learning from experience is the best way to kickstart your career.

The mentorship program is an immersive 8 month experience where you and your mentor meet, discuss and work on a set of goals you would like to accomplish.

You can see our featured mentors on our website and apply to the program with a CV and a letter of motivation outlining your goals and aspirations as well as how a mentor would help you achieve those. Although you can express a preference about who you would like to be paired with, we select mentors based on overall compatibility and fit.

Send your applications at and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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