LSE Summer School '23 with Teodor Nedev

July 20th, 2023

Another successful edition of the LSE Summer School took place in London this year. In this interview, one of the 2023 scholars - Teodor Nedev - shares his experience first-hand.


"My name is Teodor Nedev, I am an Economics student at AUBG, and I took part in the LSE Summer School Program with the help of the Aleksander Foundation. My course was called “Industrial Policy: Leading the Green and Digital Transitions” and took place from June 19th until July 7th.

The academic perspective - Industrial Policy

I found it to be reasonably intense and incredibly intriguing. It was refreshing to take a course that leaned more into Political Economy and Microeconomics, since I had not dived into these topics in a while. I got a chance to engage with interesting literature that was new for me and to learn more about the theoretical background behind industrial policy – concepts like cost discovery, directionality, policy space – as well as about the way industrial strategies have been implemented around the world and in Europe, specifically. There was a lot of reading, sometimes at the expense of some fun activities, but I am glad for it since it exposed me to new perspectives and knowledge on the topic. Also, the professors Vassilis Monastiriotis and Bob Hancke and my group’s lovely teacher’s assistant Ola made the learning process quite dynamic and enjoyable.

The London experience beyond academics

Exploring the local culture

Of course, my time in London was not all studying. I managed to take many strolls around the city and enjoy the beautiful architecture and the loads of history surrounding me. I also visited the British Museum and the National Gallery, where I witnessed in person some of my all-favorite art pieces, and even went on a trip to the serene town of Cambridge, which offered a small break from all the hustle and bustle of London. I cannot complain about the food either, given the spectacular treats I tried like some pulled-pork sandwiches and dangerously caloric bubble teas, to name a few.

The social aspect

Another great feature of my time at LSE was the people I met. My classmates and other students at the Summer School were intelligent, exciting, and coming from diverse backgrounds, which made getting to know them both pleasant and intellectually stimulating.

Overall, my stay at the LSE Summer School was one of the best experiences of my life. I learned a lot and had loads of fun and I am forever grateful that I had this opportunity!"

- Teodor Nedev, Scholar '23

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