Gergana Urumova: LSE Summer School 2022

October 12th, 2022 News

What were your expectations from the Summer School and were they fulfilled?

The expectation to be part of a great internationally recognised institution and to have access to its methods, atmosphere and possibilities - yes, it was fulfilled completely. And the course itself managed to exceed my expectations - in a few weeks we got to know not only the ways in which modern digital tools generate benefits for businesses, but also saw the bigger picture with the help of economic theories and concepts that underlie these processes.

How would you put what you learned into practice - in terms of your studies/work?

The course introduced me to people with various backgrounds, and one of my tasks was to present a blockchain business model together with a girl who studies Fashion Design. I am pursuing Law myself, but I believe that the skills to analyse the strategies and needs of the business at a specific moment and its corresponding decisions are extremely valuable, regardless of whether you will advise corporate clients, help a young start-up in its development or create your own.

Has LSE changed the way you see the world and think about it, and if so, how?

The main goal of our professors was to provide us with new perspectives on processes that we have access to on a daily basis and have somewhat taken for granted, such as our participation in the digital economy. They definitely succeeded in this task, further developed our critical thinking and taught us to explore a little more deeply the cause-and-effect relationships around us, so that we can reach logical conclusions on our own.

How will the Summer School affect your future plans for education and career development?

At the moment, I plan to enrol in a Master's degree after graduation, as well as to continue in the field of equity and venture investing. I am sure that the experience at LSE and the knowledge I had the opportunity to gain would be valuable at any future stage of my development.

What is the most valuable thing you will take from Summer School with you?

Critical thinking, the people and self-belief.

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