George Zlatanov: LSE Summer School 2022

October 12th, 2022 News

What were your expectations from the Summer School and were they fulfilled?

I am very pleased with my time at LSE Summer School which span from the 10th until the 30th of July 2022. LSE fulfilled my expectations on both academic and social level – academically, the level of teaching was world-class; socially, I met people from all over the world. On a professional level, while we were in London we also visited LSE alumni working in Canary Wharf and made use of the Spark Programme at the university - it helped us with professional skills development through workshops, interview preparation, case studies and networking events.

Has LSE changed the way you see the world and think about it, and if so, how?

Definitely. Growing up, I had the privilege of living in many different places, but I had never seen such an open environment for personal and professional development. It was really easy for me to talk about Finance and Business with my cohort which I had not encountered before, as the people around me were not interested in those topics. Being part of the LSE Summer Programme I felt that I found that community.

How will the Summer School affect your future plans for education and career development?

Having the LSE brand on my CV alongside the Aleksander Foundation scholarship, awarded to only 3 students each year, I received many more interview invitations when applying for jobs both in Bulgaria and abroad. I am very happy to share that I have now started as Securities Trader at Expat Capital, which my experience at LSE helped me to obtain. On the academic side, I plan on doing a Master’s in the field - as I graduated with an A from the Summer School, this will immensely help when applying for Master’s at top universities such as LSE, Imperial and Oxbridge in the future.

What was most useful/memorable to you?

The dinner with Aleksander himself was the most memorable experience for me. He gave us invaluable advice as a true mentor would, we learned a lot from him and his own path. This was one of the most enriching experiences for me alongside the day-to-day lectures and how open our professors were to discuss, explain and help us with various topics.

What is the most valuable thing you will take from Summer School with you?

On one side, the opportunity to study at the best university for Economics and Political Science in the world, which was an experience in and of itself filled with knowledge and possibilities like no other. On the other, the invaluable networks that I made which I will carry with me onto the next chapters of my life. And of course, the direct contact with Aleksander and the Foundation which helped me not only at LSE but also beyond in my career.

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