Anna Kyosova experience at LSE Summer School

November 16th, 2020 News

I am happy that I had the chance to participate in the “New Normal” Seminar of Aleksander Foundation in 2009. It was a very enriching experience that made me think how active and motivated one should be in order to achieve their career aims. What I enjoyed most was the knowledge-sharing environment of the seminar. I had a great time networking with very smart and interesting people, coming from different universities. networking with very smart and interesting people, coming from different universities.

Furthermore the people from Aleksander Foundation are very open-minded and helpful, especially when it comes to explaining something you have special interest in or have misunderstood. I am really pleased that they selected very knowledgeble and I guess in day-to- day life very busy lecturers who were willing to spend their time with us and share know-how. Apart from the learning and networking part, participating in the seminar is also a great opportunity to challenge yourself in order to understand how good team player you are, do you really understand finance and how good are your analytical and reasoning skills.

So do not hesitate to apply for Aleksander Foundation’s Seminar, because there are some great alumni who look forward to meeting you.

Irina Staneva
Student of Economics in Sofia University’s Faculty of Economics and
Business Administration

Committed to the idea of promoting practical education, Aleksander Foundation streamlines its processes through workshops, LSE summer schools and seminars. The workshops objectives is to bring successful professionals and students together to discuss interesting topics about the application of academic theory in practice as well as to provide hands-on advice about careers, education and future professional developments. They are open to a much wider group of students and aim to come as a practical addition to the rigorous theoretical preparation students receive at their Universities.

The founders of the Aleksander Foundation firmly believe that sports and physical activity in general are essential for the personal development and well-being of the students. To promote an active lifestyle among the academic community we organise academic runs – a great way to keep fit, compete and socialise. The runs last for a few kilometers and all participants get commemorative t-shirts. The best runners also get material awards from our sponsors.

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