Alexandra Milkova: LSE Summer School 2020

January 14th, 2021 News

Tell us about yourself?

I am pursuing a BA in Business Administration and Economics and have, somewhat recently, narrowed down my interest to the field of finance. As finance is also a tremendously broad term and I have been studying and working in the it for just  over a year, I have most likely only scratched the surface of what it has to offer. In 2020, I had the opportunity to internship in an investment management company and assist in the development of an IPO. This summer I joined UniCredit Bulbank as a summer intern in their FX trading desk. Such experiences have allowed me not only to learn more and more about my field of choice, but also to narrow down my interest into specific subfields.  


What motivated you to apply for the program?
I am eager to immerse myself in as many different sub-sectors of finance as I can. I believe all sectors are strongly connected and therefore having working knowledge of them is always helpful. So, when I had the chance to learn more about Real Estate finance, I gladly took the opportunity.

Another reason is that I wish to pursue a masters degree after I graduate from the American University in Bulgaria.  The London School of Economics and Political Science for me is one of the top graduate institutions. That being said, the experience was a great way for me to get a sense of what such an amazing university has to offer and what I can offer it in return.

Tell us about your experience on the program?
The course was organized extremely well, and the platform was very easy to navigate. The material itself was selected in a way such that a professional in any field could follow closely. The material covered everything from supply and demand all the way to Gordon’s growth model and NPVs. Additionally, LSE did their best to make the online experience as close to the on-ground summer courses as possible. After every module, they offered a discussion forum, where everyone could share ideas, tips, and impressions. Most of us participants even joined a social media group and now I am connected to over one hundred real estate professionals from countries like Canada, Brunei, and Serbia!


How are you planning to apply what you have learned from this course?
I plan on making wide use of the knowledge I acquired this summer. The invaluable lessons that LSE has provided me with need not necessarily be applied to real estate, comparing portfolios, for example, is an irreplaceable skill regardless of the which finance sector you find yourself in. All in all, I would like to give my greatest thanks to the Aleksander Foundation for providing me with this amazing opportunity!

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