LSE Summer School

The Aleksander Foundation is proud to be able to finance scholarships for the LSE's highly competitive summer program for the past 14 years.

The London School of Economics is one the leading social science institution in the world. The School’s reputation as a global leader has been built up over the hundred years since it was founded and its departments consistently receive the highest possible marks for their teaching and research, confirming commitment to academic excellence.

The Aleksander Foundation is proud to be able to finance scholarships for the program for the past 14 years, enabling curious and driven individuals to expand their knowledge and meet like minded peers from all over the world in the very heart of London. 

Each year The Aleksander Foundation announces a competition for full scholarships at the LSE Summer School and how you can submit an application and win this amazing opportunity to expand your horizons both personally and professionally.

In the past 14 years the Foundation has sponsored students in a variety of courses including: Advanced Corporate Finance, Economics of Innovation, Alternative Investments, Real Estate Finance, Data Science as well as many others.


Summer School 2022

The Aleksander Foundation announces two full scholarships at the LSE Summer School for the following course:

Management & Economics of Digital Innovation (11 – 29 July 2022)

The course will explore in depth the core management and economics strategies related to innovation and dive into recent trends such as various platforms and ecosystems.

Courses will be offered in person at the LSE London Campus

First Round:

Each candidate can apply by sending a CV of maximum 2 pages and an Essay (1000 words) on a specified course topic:

"Digital disruptors: Friend or Foe?" Illustrate with a practical example a partnership or a "market share grab" happening between a disruptor and an established industry player"

Please send your documents to: before 23:59 on April 17th 2022

Second round:

Shortlisted candidates will be invited by e-mail for an interview. Results will be available on April 25th 2022 and interviews will be held over zoom in early May   

Who can apply:
Students in their 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year of Bachelor studies, or students currently pursuing a Masters degree at a recognized Bulgarian University

The Scholarship will cover:
Tuition fees at the LSE, accommodation at a residence hall, roundtrip plane tickets to London and daily expenses

For more information call or chat via Viber +359 894 346 142