The Alexander Foundation

The primary goal of the foundation is to promote and support the development of the Bulgarian university education through a number of initiatives including the organisation and sponsorship of conferences.

Workshop for Students from the Tsenov Academy of Economics – Svistov

Sofia, 7th Mar 2009

The Event: The Aleksander Foundation, with the support of the Bulgarian City Club ( and Investor BG (, announces a winter workshop for students from the Tsenov Academy of Economics.

The Program: The program will include presentations from financial market professionals working both in Bulgaria and abroad, open discussion and a trading game. Focus will be on the continuing global financial crisis and its effects.

The Details: The workshop will take place in the office of Investor BG on bul. Aleksander Stamboliiski 205, Sofia 1309 on 07.03.09 (Saturday). Initial participant selection as well as transport and accommodation will be arranged with the kind assistance of the Student Union, Tsenov Academy of Economics.


Sofia, 7th Mar 2009