The Alexander Foundation

The primary goal of the foundation is to promote and support the development of the Bulgarian university education through a number of initiatives including the organisation and sponsorship of conferences.

The “World of Business” Seminar

Panichishte, 25th November – 27th November 2011

The Event: It is time for our flagship autumn seminar and this time we will talk about real business. What’s it like to manage a large company through these turbulent times? How to start a new business when almost everyone else is downsizing? What role should the government play in the economy? We are inviting you to spend a fun-packed weekend

Locationdiscussing these and other topics from the world of business with speakers, trustees and fellow participants. We will also have a case study, trading game, career workshop and party and all that in the heart of Rila Mountain. So if you are in your 3rd, 4th year or Master level of Economics/Finance studies at a recognized Bulgarian university and are free that weekend, its worth the investment in a good essay.

Our seminar will take place at a modern venue in Panitchishte, Rila Mountains. All participants’ expenses will be covered by the Aleksander Foundation. There will be transport organized from Sofia on Friday (25th Nov) afternoon, returning back on Sunday (27th Nov) evening.

The Speakers

  • Yordan Nedev, CEO, BDZ
  • Ivaylo Penchev, CEO, WALLTOPIA
  • Tsvetan Aleksiev, CEO, SIRMA GROUP
  • Ralitsa Uzunova, General Manager, INTERSERVICE UZUNOVI
  • Tsvetan Lazhanski, CEO, DEVIN
  • Ivo Evgeniev, Director, ROSSLYN CAPITAL PARTNERS


Panichishte, 25th Nov – 27th Nov 2011

The Application

  • Essay in English (450 words) on the following topic: “Is government the natural owner of strategic industries. Discuss with examples – keeping in mind the lessons from the 2008 crisis”.
  • CV in English (non-EU standard).

 You have the chance to join a strong network. Use it wisely.