The Alexander Foundation

The primary goal of the foundation is to promote and support the development of the Bulgarian university education through a number of initiatives including the organisation and sponsorship of conferences.

The “New Normal” Seminar

Bankya, 13th November – 15th November 2009

  • Is the global recession really over?
  • How to position yourself and your portfolio going forward?
  • What is the New Normal?

The Event: We have just witnessed one of the biggest crises since the Great Depression. Some credit markets totally stopped functioning and the world was on the brink of financial chaos. What followed was nothing short of opening the floodgates and almost drowning the economy with liquidity and government guarantees. The worst may have been averted, but the trillions of new dollars poured all over the world leave us in a pretty fragile situation. So is the recession over and where do we go from here?

The correct answer to this will be of paramount importance to careers and portfolios around the world for many years to come. So be the one of twenty four students, who together with our distinguished lecturers will discuss and brainstorm on the optimal strategies ahead. You just can’t afford to miss it.

The Speakers

  • Nikolay Vassilev, Former Minister of Economy, Partner, EXPAT CAPITAL
  • Kamen Kolchev, CEO and Chairman, Board of Directors, ELANA HOLDING
  • Valery Valtchev, Former CEO of Forton International, Managing partner, INNIMMO INVESTMENT
  • Sanford Henry, Principal, ASSET SOLUTIONS, London, UK


Bankya, 13th Nov – 15th Nov 2009

Eligible Applicants

Students enrolled in their 3rd, 4th year or Master level of Economics/Finance studies at a recognized Bulgarian University. Participants in previous Aleksander Foundation 3 day seminars and workshops are not eligible.

The Application

  • “If the global recovery is for real which asset classes would you invest in? Discuss with specific examples” – an Essay of approximately 500 words.
  • CV in English (non-EU standard).

The marketplace is changing fast. Do not be left behind.