The Alexander Foundation

The primary goal of the foundation is to promote and support the development of the Bulgarian university education through a number of initiatives including the organisation and sponsorship of conferences.


I am happy that I had the chance to participate in the “New Normal” Seminar of Aleksander Foundation in 2009. It was a very enriching experience that made me think how active and motivated one should be in order to achieve their career aims. What I enjoyed most was the knowledge-sharing environment of the seminar. I had a great time networking with very smart and interesting people, coming from different universities.

Furthermore the people from Aleksander Foundation are very open-minded and helpful, especially when it comes to explaining something you have special interest in or have misunderstood. I am really pleased that they selected very knowledgeble and I guess in day-to-day life very busy lecturers who were willing to spend their time with us and share know-how. Apart from the learning and networking part, participating in the seminar is also a great opportunity to challenge yourself in order to understand how good team player you are, do you really understand finance and how good are your analytical and reasoning skills.

So do not hesitate to apply for Aleksander Foundation’s Seminar, because there are some great alumni who look forward to meeting you.

Irina Staneva
Student of Economics in Sofia University’s Faculty of Economics and Business Administration


The Aleksander Foundation is committed to developing student’s skills through applied, hands-on seminars. The seminars are weekend-long trainings targeted towards undergraduate and graduate students in economics and finance. The topic of each event is chosen from the current national & worldwide economic environment. The focal point of the first two seminars was market volatility and trading tactics, respectively. The Business Development Seminar however, was more micro-oriented and focused on strategies for successful businesses. The program itself is diversified with lectures, trading games, team exercises and contests. The intensity of the program is balanced by intermediary debates with top industry professionals, informal discussions with the organisers and parties in the evenings. The seminars also provide students with unmatched opportunities for idea generation and networking.