The Alexander Foundation

The primary goal of the foundation is to promote and support the development of the Bulgarian university education through a number of initiatives including the organisation and sponsorship of conferences.

The First Aleksander Foundation Alumni Seminar

Guletchica, 7th November – 9th November 2008

  • How to use all available information to your advantage?
  • Who do you call when no answer is available?
  • What is success?

The Event: You have an excellent academic record, have attended a number of interesting and useful seminars and are about to make or already making the first steps in your professional career. However right from the beginning you are thrown into deep waters and experience situations that are far from straightforward.
So what do you do? How do you use all available information to your advantage? What is the practical solution when the problem is not even covered in the nice economics and finance textbooks? Where is that one page from the last seminar with all the useful contact details? This seminar will help you think about and discuss similar questions with your colleagues, other young professionals and the moderators. The whole weekend will be all about you and we have aimed to make it very interactive and applied, combined with great time out in the mountains.

Eligible Applicants

You have to be an alumnus of the Aleksander Foundation in order to apply. Alumni would have attended one of the previous 3 seminars (Guletchica 06 & 07 or Zlatni Piasatsi 08) or have received our scholarship for the LSE Summer School. The fact whether you are still studying, already working or just sitting on the beach browsing the internet is largely irrelevant.

All alumni are welcome to apply.


Guletchica, 7th November – 9th November 2008

The Application

There will NOT be any essay or formal application. We will try to accommodate all Alumni. Just send an e-mail saying you want to attend.

However space is unfortunately limited and if there are more people than places we will have to rank by University results, so please also send copy of transcript/diploma (in Bulgarian).

You will have the chance to talk. Use it wisely.

Past Alumni Reunions: